How women really feel about dating bald men

Poor body image and low self esteem are usually associated with women, especially when portrayed on the media. Men however have it better. TV shows and movies show frumpy, overweight men with beautiful and successful women. However, men are extremely insecure about one thing, and that is baldness. Affected men are known to spend hours in the bathroom fighting it or researching expensive cures on the internet.

Women are not turned on by toupees and spray-on hair. A majority of women actually do not really care if men are bald or not. Some actually find bald men sexy. Baldness exudes an aura of rugged masculinity as opposed to artificially covered up heads. Take a look at Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel. They are both bald and yet, hordes of women lust after them. Therefore, it is important that you stop worrying about your appearance and then the others will also not care much about it at all. Another good example is Larry David. He is not ashamed of being bald, and women like him because he is absolutely funny. If he chose to cower behind a toupee, he would not be so self assured and his comedy would be in his toupee and not his talent.

Coincidentally, there are also men who shave their heads on purpose, because they like being bald. This might be frowned upon by their bald counterparts, but symbolizes a free spirit. Bald heads also means low maintenance. Confidence is key in a matter like this, and wasting time fretting over it could amount to a universal turn off.