Hair Loss Myths and Folklore

Cures for baldness date back to ancient times and strange and unusual concoctions are said to have worked. Likewise, there have been an equal number of myths surrounding hair loss. Some popular hair loss myths include:

Hats – hats have always been said to be a cause for balding. Interestingly however, men who are bald or balding wear hats to cover their hair loss. There is no truth in the fact that wearing hats leads to hair loss. They are merely worn to hide balding heads and do not contribute to hair loss unless they are extremely tight or ill-fitting.

Massages – some say massages and cleansing the scalp’s pores promotes hair growth. Unfortunately though, it does nothing to reverse the process. Hair loss is caused by the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This causes hair follicles to shrink and slowly stop producing hair.

Long hair – another popular myth is that long hair strains roots causing hair loss. It does not.
Maternal genes – another belief is that baldness is inherited from the mother’s side of the family. The truth however is that baldness can be inherited from either parent. The chances of inheriting baldness are greater if your father is bald.

Shampooing – shampooing hair is said to increase hair loss. Again, not true. The hairs you find after shampooing are hairs you have lost already. It has nothing to do with shampooing.

Mental illness – an active intellect or mental illness is also said to cause baldness. This might be due to the close proximity between the brain and hair. Psychological problems are also said to contribute to hair loss. However, this theory too is invalid.