Baldness Consultation: Not to be ashamed of

A recent ABC news study revealed that nearly 35 million American men lose their hair; that’s about 50% of all men. This issue really is something to be alarmed about. Baldness can be prevented or even treated, you just need to visit a reliable hair specialist or submit yourself for a baldness consultation. Most men are not open to these options, primarily being ashamed of the condition. However, this is completely unnecessary. A professional baldness consultation could easily turn things around.

What experts will say

Hair loss which eventually leads to baldness is caused primarily by genes. Contrary to popular belief, baldness is not caused by wearing hats or excessive shampooing.

Most people suffer emotionally due to balding, and doctors will assist with dealing with the issue. Studies show that hair is associated with a symbol of professionalism, as well as social, cultural and religious affiliations. Youth, strength, virility and power are all apparently implied by ‘good hair’.


The British Journal of Psychology in 1995 published an article which stated that persons suffering from baldness had low levels of self-esteem and were less sociable when compared with peers who had ‘good hair’. Some men even suffer from depression due to balding. Therefore, it is very important to discuss this problem with the right experts and decide on legitimate and proven treatments.

Which treatment is right for you?

Medications such as Dustasteride and Finasteride are popular, though there are no proven studies to back up their effectiveness to counter baldness. Hair transplant surgery however has a proven success rate in restoring hair in a shorter span of time when compared to these medications.