How to tell if you are going bald

Worried you’re going bald? Here are a few telltale signs to look out for. Remember, shedding hair is normal for humans; so noticing a few hairs on your pillow every morning is not a sign that you’re going bald. Hair loss is largely due to genetics. Take a close look at your family tree, and you might be able to work out your chances of staying with a head full of hair!

Balding does not come with ageing, it can occur at any time of your life. Some start to lose hair as early as 18. For some, hair loss is noticed when large clumps of hair fall out when brushing or combing; and the drain in the shower might contain more hairs than it usually did. If you notice a receding hairline or a bald spot – then, yes, you are balding.

The level of testosterone in the body is a common cause for baldness. Levels of testosterone are dictated by your genetics and stress. If you hair loss is due to stress, this is temporary, and it will grow back. If it is due to your genes, then hair loss is here to stay. Baldness affects both men and women. However, baldness is more common amongst men.

Watch out for signs that you are indeed balding. If the top of your head feels suddenly colder, or your parting gets wider, maybe the sun feels hotter on your head and you might notice increased teasing from your friends. It is important that you accept that you might be balding and start on treating it immediately. Different treatments are available for balding but depend on the type and the individual. Seek the help of a professional.