Hair Implants: a Great Way to Treat Bald Spots

Treating baldness is no easy task. The market is overflowing with ‘solutions’, but their credibility and success rate are doubtful matters. According to the US FDA, there are only two accepted medications to treat hair loss. These guarantee a 50-75% success rate. Hair implants on the other hand can give you a near 100% success rate on hair restoration.

Hair implants are a great solution to hair loss and look natural as well. Hair implants are great, especially if you have sections of your scalp with hair still growing. With women, hair implants do not always work, as they tend to have thinning hair.

Male pattern baldness rarely involves hair loss on the back of the head. Hair loss is mostly experienced on the crown of the head or forehead. During the implant procedure, the surgeon removes sections of the scalp from the hair covered area. Narrow slits are usually made, which can then be easily sewn together. The follicles are cleaned and then readied for insertion. Next, the surgeon makes small incisions in the bald section and then inserts the follicles in groups of 1-3, mimicking natural hair placement. A skilled surgeon is also able to insert hair in such a way that it influences the direction of growth.

Hair plugs or hair implants are soon becoming popular. The expense is not a large one, considering very minimal after-procedure costs, and is a secure method, as opposed to toupees that could fall off at any given time. The treatment also produces very few side effects.