A Guide to Balding Men’s Hairstyles

While balding is commonly faced by millions of men around the world, ideas for compensating the much dreaded hair loss condition are sometimes absolutely bad choices. Keep in mind that going bald does not have to mean a bad hairstyle. A few dos and don’ts:

Do not…

…comb your hair straight back. While this may cover bald spots, it exposes the forehead and your receding hairline.
…grow your hair longer at the back. This doesn’t by any means make up for the loss on top. If you choose to do so, it draws more attention to the scalp and your baldness.
…be tempted to use gel. This is a definite no-no. While gel clumps hair together, it reveals the scalp and more bald spots.
…grow your hair long. If this is your attempt to cover up, it won’t work. It only causes your hair to separate and show more scalp.


…use mousse and conditioner to get more natural looking fluff to your hair.
…grow your hair a few more inches, get it layered and brush it forward. This breaks up the receding line.
…keep the front long and comb your hair straight back. This will also help if the hair at the top of your head is starting to thin.

While these options might help, be open to the fact that your bald spot will expand. The smartest choice would be to shave it all off or at the very least to opt for a very close trim. A shaved look is very much in fashion these days, therefore choosing this option could go down very well for you.