Stop Yourself Going Bald

When you age, hair loss is one of the first things you’d like to be able to control. Men generally start to lose hair on the top of their head, while women simply have an advantage over this and don’t lose as much. Men start heading towards ‘baldness’ as early as teenage years and this of course is depressing.

A number of products exist in the market to aid this, and mostly expensive ones at that. The products offer no guarantees and if by chance they do work, the new hair you grow tends to not match your normal hair.

Hypnosis is one thing you could try. A lot of things that happen with your body are not controlled, nor do you think about them often. You never think that you need to breathe or stop your brain from thinking various thoughts. This applies to your hair as well. It grows on its own. Hypnosis helps with the process by means of gentle assistance. It pushes your subconscious to make the changes you want to your hair growth. Simply listen to a hypnosis track a few times and you might just halt the process of going bald.

If you wear a cap all the time, it might be a good reason as to why you are going bald. It is one of the leading causes of men going bald. Stop wearing your favourite cap to cover it up.

Keep in mind that going bald can also be natural or inherited.