The Myths Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very real, self-conscious problem for men and women. When facing this persistent problem, many turn to some typical myths regarding cause of hair loss.

The first myth is that there is nothing you can do to prevent hair loss. This may be one of the most misunderstood myths. With the advances in treatment, hair loss can be very treatable annoyance. We no longer need to live with the embarrassment of thinning or lost hair – science has found many treatments and cures to combat hair loss over time. Also, inheriting baldness from parents is no longer reason to worry – while we can inherit thinning or lost hair from either mother or father, there are many cures for the population born with this propensity.

The second myth that pertains mostly to women is that blow drying, ponytails, and bushing hair excessively all cause thinning hair or baldness. While wearing tight hairstyles, including ponytails, cornrows, or buns can contribute to the stress of hair follicles over time; this will not directly cause hair loss. If hair follicles experience too much stress over a long period, they can break down and cause the hair to stop producing. In addition, perming, styling, or hair coloring will not cause hair loss.

For men, the common myth is that wearing a hat leads to hair loss. Unless men are wearing hats so tight they are cutting off circulation to the interior follicles of the head, this accessory will not lead to baldness.