Laser Treatment For Thinning Hair

Millions of men and women are affected every year by thinning hair. It can come from an illness, nervous condition, certain medications, and heredity. Whatever the reason, most people want to regrow their own hair but don’t know what procedure is right for them. Laser treatment has become increasingly popular over the past few years. This treatment can be done in a specialist’s office, or right at home.

If you are contemplating laser hair treatment, first of all you will need to consult your family physician to determine the cause of your hair loss. Once you have established the cause, you may discuss treatment options. Beware of scammers claiming to use lasers for treatment. These false treatments are performed too far from the scalp, while using nothing but a few LED lights, which do nothing for the hair or follicles. These lights are for show purposes only.

True laser treatment uses actual lasers and infrared biostimulation to jolt the follicles and stimulate growth. The lasers are mounted in small finger-like spokes that rub and massage your scalp as you treat. You can purchase home treatment products that give you instructions on exactly how to use the laser treatment in the privacy of your own bathroom. Results can be seen in a few short weeks, when the treatment is administered properly.

Having a fuller head of hair is possible now with laser treatment. Thick, long locks are no longer just a dream for people that are losing their hair. Consult with your physician to determine the perfect treatment for your hair loss today.