Dentist Behaviors That You Didn’t Know Are Counted as a Dental Malpractice

Many cases of dental malpractice might not appear to be so, but they actually are. There are many ways in which it happens, some of which aren’t made subject to conversations much.

According to Dane Levy, a dental negligence injury attorney from California, there are some less obvious cases of dental malpractice. Such cases belong to the gray area but can be made subject to a lawsuit depending on the consequences. Here are some examples of such cases:

Verbal abuse during the procedure: A dental procedure can be an extremely anxiety-filled experience for a patient. It’s only natural for those who are scared not to be able to cooperate fully. Unkind and impatient dentists often verbally abuse and humiliate such patients, which deeply affects their mental health.

Treatment without consent of the patient: After the diagnosis, every step of the treatment procedure needs the patient’s consent before being carried out. If the patient does not consent, then alternatives have to be decided.

Not informing the patient of the risks associated with the treatment: Some dentists think that concealing risks related to treatment will prevent the patient from being scared. But it’s one of the most crucial medical procedures to let the patient know in complete detail what they’re about to go through, how much the chance of success is, and how it will affect them later on.

These are only some examples. As Dane Levy says, any activity by a dentist that causes you financial, physical, or emotional damage is considered dental malpractice. Still, consulting a lawyer is a must if you’re unsure about your case. For those in California, you can try contacting Levy Law Firm, where OC dental malpractice attorney Dane Levy fights cases like this every day.