How Ibogaine Can Help You Beat Addiction

Substance addiction can be a deceptively complex, challenging problem to tackle. Any effective addiction treatment must address withdrawal symptoms, underlying causes and prevent relapses. Furthermore, individuals with substance use disorders need support in forming healthier habits and changing the behaviors that led them to addiction in the first place. While many potential solutions for addiction have been devised, not every treatment will work for certain people. For those who have tried everything without finding a solution, consider taking ibogaine for opioid addiction or any other chemical dependency.

Ibogaine has gathered renown as it shows promise in stopping withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Ibogaine is a psychoactive drug that blocks neurochemicals from causing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It is also a psychedelic that induces an altered state of consciousness for half a day or longer. Ibogaine is derived from a West African shrub that is also used to induce altered states of consciousness in Bwiti religious ceremonies.

Though studies have demonstrated ibogaine’s effectiveness in helping patients complete opioid detoxification and preventing relapses for months, ibogaine is still illegal in the United States because it is a psychedelic drug and the authorities have not acknowledged its medicinal properties. However, United States citizens can journey to an ibogaine clinic in Mexico, New Zealand, Costa Rica, or Brazil to experience an ibogaine treatment. Be sure to choose an iboga healing center with certified medical professionals on staff, such as Beond Ibogaine. Beond’s ibogaine treatment center in Mexico is staffed by licensed doctors and nurses who will ensure a safe, efficient treatment process for all patients. Safe, medically supervised environments are always best for trying any medical treatment.