What makes a good, assisted living facility?

Deciding on an assisted living facility Pasadena for yourself or a family member should be more than about the cost and a simple tour of the facility. Remember, this is about the long term, and changing might be a lot more trouble than its worth should you decide that this is not a good fit. The best and most hassle-free way is to check for as many things as possible before you decide. To that end, here are some key points to look out for:

Hygiene and cleanliness

Most public spaces and furniture will likely be squeaky clean. Instead, look for the areas that are hidden, or in corners, the ones that need a regular deep-clean. Next, look at the kitchen, the staff quarters, and even the maintenance sheds. Ask them if you can look behind the curtain. If you like what you see, you have a potential winner.

Tour during an event

One of the nicest things about an assisted living facility are the events and activities. You want to visit during one of these times so you can see it in action and see how much both the staff and the residents enjoy the activity. You can also see if the activities themselves are done in a way that you or your loved ones would enjoy.

Eat a meal

Another key element is the food. Check on menu rotation and how often there are special themed food events. There are legal reasons why facilities like this don’t rotate food more often, as they need to get approval, but something like weekly rotation would be good to keep things interesting.

These are just three things to look out for. There are so many more, so make a list, and what constitutes a positive or a negative, and then go ask your questions and see for yourself.

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