How to take good care of your couch?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

When you purchase a couch, you want it to last while maintaining its shape and comfort levels. Couch cushions are an important aspect of any sofa as it offers comfort and support. Here are some expert-approved tips to help extend the life of your couch cushions.

Opt for a good base – Your couch base holds your cushions in place and assists in offering flexibility and support. A strong base will protect your cushions while reducing sagging and deterioration.

Rotate your cushions – Rotating your cushions will help them last longer while balancing wear and tear. This is because most people will sit in their favorite spot on a sofa daily, causing certain cushions to lose their strength. Flipping and rotating your cushions will help to reduce sagging by not being in constant use.

Add multiple cushions – For replacement cushions consider adding multiple cushions instead of a single long cushion. Not only will multiple cushions help with rotation, but they will also make cleaning up spills a lot easier since you will only need to clean a small area.

Clean your cushions – If you are considering replacing your cushions, choose removable covers to make for easy cleaning. Vacuuming your cushions weekly will also help to remove dust and food particles which intern will help to reduce allergens and dust.

Steam cleaning – Steam cleaning your sofa once or twice a year can improve its appearance, remove stains, and reduce allergens. When steaming your sofa cushions remember to air dry them properly by placing them in the sun for a few days.