How heredity affects baldness?

Among reasons that can affect hair loss (alopecia) heredity plays a major role. Other reasons for hair loss include underlying medical conditions and certain medications. Anyone including children can be affected by baldness.

Known in the scientific world as Androgenic Alopecia, more than 90 percent of men and 70 percent of women over the age of 20 can experience boldness due to hereditary issues. Men are 2.5 times more susceptible to acquire the condition if their father or grandfather experienced hair loss. The heredity causes hair loss by shortening the hair growth cycle. Both male pattern and female pattern androgenic alopecia are very common and treatable. Medical and non-medical treatments can affectively provide relief from baldness. Understanding the heredity and starting treatment as early as visible signs are present can be the key to successfully treating baldness.

Other activities such as exercise, more specifically aerobic exercises for 60 minutes or more, can effectively supplement any boldness treatments. Anaerobic training can also help to change an individual’s hormone profile helping to improve baldness treatments. Some studies indicate both types of exercises together with medical or non-medical treatment bring more visible improvement to help the condition. Before starting a program to address hair loss caused by heredity, consult a professional.