Surgery dealing with Heavy Menstruation

If you have gynecological issues that can be dealt with surgically such as heavy menstruation, Dr. Berenholz is the doctor to consult with. He has been doing this kind of work for over 2 decades and is well known for his ability to make his patients comfortable with his reliability and trustworthy demeanor.

This doctor also deals with bladder prolapse which is a common issue among women. The work that he does is safe and reliable. This problem comes when the ligaments that support the pelvic area begin weakening. There are a number of reasons that cause this, but with the proper gynecological surgeon they can be easily fixed.

While cystocele (the prolapse of the bladder) is common, this means that these issue can be treated with ease. The signs of this would include urinary incontinence, which is when even a simple cough allows for a person to urinate accidentally. This can be fixed by using something called Transubturator tape.


If you have not suffered from the prolapse, but have incontinence issues we recommend scheduling an appointment to see if there is a way to take preventative measures as a prolapse could be very uncomfortable and pretty risky. Scheduling an appointment will give you both time to discuss what needs to be done and to see if the tape is the right solution for you.


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