A promising new finding for those going bald

The University of Pennsylvania medical center researchers believed to have identified the chemical that stops growing hair on male scalp. While they were researching on stem cells on mice, they accidentally found the chemical that prevent hair growth. They have identified a protein called PDG2, a compound that is found on the scalp of balding men that is three times more than a regular male scalp. Drugs that prevent PDG2 are already in testing as a cure for asthma. So, researchers are hopeful that these drugs may lead to a cure for baldness. Already a company has licensed the technology that was discovered by the researchers.

Almost half the male population and one in three of every woman are suffering from hair loss. We are born with full head of hair and with the age, gradually lose what we got. Developing a lotion or potion to control PDG2 may be several years away. Some believe within the next five years a cure for baldness will be available in the market. Until such time those who are suffering from hair loss will have to resort to more expensive available remedies.

Treatment for hair loss is a $1 billion industry.