Factors that slow hair growth

Human hair grows at a constant rate averaging half an inch a month. But external factors can affect the rate of growth. These are some of these factors.


Like with skin care your hair will benefit from a balanced diet. Hair is mainly made up of a protein called keratin and therefore a diet rich in protein will promote hair growth. Plenty of water and green leafy vegetables that are high in vitamins are a must to maintain hair growth.

balding head

Use of chemicals

The use of chemicals on hair in the form of hair color, shampoos, conditioners and other styling products will damage the hair. Whenever possible, use natural plant based products.

Hair dryers and irons

The heat from these appliances cause damage to the hair and will make it weak and dry. Towel dry and use a different hair style that does not use an iron.


As you age your hair growth will gradually decrease.

The constant anxiety caused by stress makes hair grow at a much slower pace than normal. Use relaxation methods such as meditation to control your stress.


Exercise increases the blood circulation, yoga postures like the shoulder stand and head stand increases circulation in the scalp.