Have you tried using a patient portal for your business?

Gone are the days when nurses and doctors’ assistants had to rummage through dusty files in order to find a patient’s information or even had to spend hours trying to organize these files so that they could stay abreast of the endless amount of information in order to run a profitable medical practice.

And with the advent of computers, not only has all this changed due to the fact that one can not only provide their patients with an electronic prescription but also can make use of software that has been designed to not only store patient records but also take care of manual processes such as claims and billing as well.

And this is because both the administrative and financial aspects of a medical practice have to be considered in order to ensure profitability, and it is through a patient portal that one can cover these aspects.

When it comes to EMR software that doctors use these days, managing the workflow right from a patient’s electronic health record, to scheduling his next appointment and so on and so forth, there is no doubt that automation will play a much larger role in being able to get these aspects managed digitally so that the doctor and his team can focus on what is really important – his or her patients!