Art from Baldness

Individuals either men or woman who experience hair loss also experience a societal type of anxiety while undergoing this process. People handle hair loss differently, and while some see this process as nature taking its course, others try and resist it at all cost. Concealing hair loss is one way people deal with losing hair. The use of a wig or toupee is also employed by people suffering from the effects of cancer treatment due to chemotherapy. There are people who have embraced baldness with a healthy dose of humor and dignity instead of trying to resist hair loss; many well know actors are among these. 

Being bald has turned some to art for a solution. In the UK permanent tattooing of the scalp is “growing,” with men taking advantage of artful designs some as intricate as a wall mural. Not only artfully stylish tattoos are appearing on heads, but realistic tattoos of hair. That’s right, hair tattoos that look amazingly like closely shaved or cropped hair. 

Another less “permanent” fad seems to be taking off is head painting or decorating. A young man in the UK by the name of Philip Levine who himself suffered from baldness refused to conform to what he calls a “stereotype bald man” image. He began using the extra space on top of his head as a canvass of sorts. Using mostly body paint and various stylish stick on decorations Mr. Levine seems to be very creative and has really made art from baldness.