Why Do Kids Experience Hair Loss?

Hair loss in kids is not as common as that found amongst adults, but can be far more serious. Most cases of hair loss in kids involve the hair growing back on its own in time. To encourage hair growth, synthetic ointments and even topical steroids are used. Instead, try to opt for treatments that are more natural – in order to combat hair loss in kids. If the hair loss continues, then it would be a good idea to refer a medical professional for some expert advice.

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss in children has nothing to do with cancer. While radiation or chemotherapy does cause hair loss, it is not the cancer itself that is responsible for it.

Tinea Capitis which is better known as ringworm of the scalp is one reason that causes hair loss in kids. It is a fungal infection which affects the scalp and is contracted via the use of shared combs, towels, etc. This kind of infection is not really life threatening, but causes a fair amount of hair loss in kids.

Another kind of hair loss experienced amongst kids, especially girls is called traction alopecia. This can happen if the child’s hair is always tied up in tight braids or ponytails. Hair loss is mostly experienced from the sides and front part of the scalp.

Overuse of shampoos and hair products can also cause considerable damage to a child’s hair. The same applies to constant brushing, blow drying and even combing.

Some children tend to constantly tug on their hair, and end up pulling it out, which sometimes causes a patchy kind of hair loss. This is brought on by stress, mostly emotional.