Green Tea Could Prevent Thinning Hair

Like a lot of people, you have probably heard about the health benefits and the healing anti-oxidants of Green Tea.

Researchers in Korea have discovered that green tea can also combat hair loss. One of the lead researchers, Dr. Kwon confirmed that green tea did prevent thinning hair and said it was an excellent choice to turn to, especially for those who did not much care for using drugs such as dutasteride, finasteride or minoxidil.

The research into green tea combating hair loss began in 2006, when this team of Korean researchers set out to test if green tea could stop a person going bald by going head-to-head with androgens found on the scalp. After a period of sampling was carried out, the results revealed that hair follicles which were exposed to green tea, showed more growth.

It might not sound like much when you hear someone say that green tea could fight hair loss. However, take into consideration that there are not many natural cures for hair loss. Most other studies into preventing hair loss have quite a few methods which are biased towards the use of one drug or the other, and thus cannot be trusted. Therefore, this does seem like a huge development.

How exactly can green tea help prevent hair loss?

This new finding does not mean that you massage green tea onto your scalp. Instead you need to start looking for natural hair loss treatments that contain green tea. That is the best way to start.