Hair Extensions Can Give You Bald Spots

Skin experts warn that women with hair extensions run the risk of developing bald patches, which could be permanent. This statement was made after new research revealed that a certain percentage of women started to experience hair loss in a week after getting hair extensions.

According to dermatologists, hair extensions can cause traction alopecia – which is caused by tension on hair follicles located on the scalp when the false strands are attached to real hair using glue, braiding or weaving. This causes hair follicles to become inflamed, which inadvertently leads to hair loss. This damage caused to hair follicles cannot be remedied, leaving women with permanent bald spots.

The British Journal of Dermatology publishing the research insists that the hair loss problem caused by hair extensions could be more widespread than reported.

Dermatologists from the University of Miami, USA and Bologna University, Italy said that according to their research, even if hair loss was not experienced due to hair extensions, considerable damage had been done to the scalp.

Baldness caused by hair extensions was initially brought to attention when Victoria Beckham was spotted sporting a large bald patch after quite a few years of having hair extensions. Other stars noted with thinning hair after the use of extensions include Christina Aguilera, Kate Beckinsale and Britney Spears.

Based on the research findings, hair experts called for hair extensions to be banned permanently. The increasingly popular accessory costs as much as £300 – £1,000 depending on the hair quality and the attachment technique used.