Male Pattern Baldness and Its Genetics

Baldness always brings up the ever-popular questions: Where does baldness come from? What causes baldness? Is baldness hereditary? Over the year, scientists have studied every possible chromosome and gene related to baldness.

However, as of now, there is still nothing certain available in terms or results from scientific research other than the fact that baldness is hereditary and that maternal genes most probably have a bigger effect on making us men bald. Nevertheless, nothing concrete has been deduced from research yet.

One interesting find is that if a woman has a bald father, she tends to carry that bald gene which in most probability will show up in her son who will be bald, like his grandfather. This however, does not apply to every case, but does in happen in most instances.

This is caused by the mother’s X-chromosome, which a child gets in womb, while the Y-chromosomes are from the father. Scientists say that baldness is carried by the X chromosome.

However, these theories are much debated, with some experts being doubtful of the fact that baldness is inherited from the mother’s genes. However, time has proven to some that this theory is true for their unique cases. New research revealed in October 2008 however, countered this and says that one male out of every seven males carries the X-chromosome and chromosome 20 variants, making these men seven times more likely to be bald.

However, with research still being carried out, the final say is yet to be revealed. Baldness could be hereditary, could be from your mom’s side and who knows, perhaps more than one gene is responsible for male pattern baldness. Who knows!