Future Balding Treatments

Every man dreads the day he will go bald. Male pattern baldness cannot be avoided but one can try a few treatments.

Almost every man faced with baldness tries several products that are advertised, be it a spray on, lotion, oil or even a toupee. Everyone wants a cure, but there is not one, not yet at least. What is comforting though is the development of a few new-fangled treatments to counter hair loss and could be available in the next few years.

Hair cloning (hair multiplication)
Hair cloning (also referred to as hair multiplication or follicular cell implantation) is the reproduction process of healthy hair follicles while distributing them widely enough to eliminate baldness. This is advanced version of hair transplants – as the formula is the same: borrow healthy hair from your head and fill in the spaces. This new treatment does not involve just the moving around of hair on your scalp, but also has the possibility to recreate thick, healthy, wavy hair.

Hair follicles are like plants. If a hair follicle is split into two and cultured properly, it will grow another strand of hair just like the first one. This can be carried out a few thousand or million times after which it can be reintroduced to the scalp. This will give new life to current hair follicles. This treatment is still in the development stages, but a British company developing it in June 2008, announced the successful completion of the Phase II trial of its hair implantation tests. The company expects the treatment to be available by 2013.

Genetic testing
Males who gain two particular genetic variants due to hereditary terms are seven times more like to lose their hair. An Icelandic company is in the process of developing a personal genotyping service. If the reports indicate that you do have those genes that could cause baldness, then you can immediately take advantage of any preventative treatments. This ‘crystal ball’ service is critical to the cracking of the androgenic alopecia code, which could lead to better treatments.

The company currently offers personal genotyping, but baldness diagnostics should be available sometime around 2010-2011.

Natural regeneration
Once thought to be only possible on selected animals like newts and salamanders, natural regeneration of hair follicles is now possible. Discovered by scientists working for the University of Pennsylvania, this process not only ‘reawakens’ hair follicles but apparently can be carried out with minimum or no scarring. The actual treatment though will be only be available around 2015-2018 and is being worked on by Follica Inc.