Why Do Hair Implants Work Well For Men?

Hair implants have so far been the most effective method to solve hair loss issues amongst men. This cure for male pattern baldness works well as men usually have effective ‘donor’ areas that can be used for the hair transplant procedure. Such donor sites are absolutely necessary for the procedure to be successful. Hair loss in men generally means that they suffer from a genetic condition called Male Pattern Baldness. This condition entails hair loss at the front and crown areas of the head, which sometimes spreads to ear level and even affects the entire top area of the scalp. This condition is caused by an increased in DHT, which is a by product of testosterone. This medical condition is also known as androgenic alopecia, which can be passed down from either side of the family.
Hair loss can be combated by the use of drugs, but they are not 100 per cent effective, and some cause serious side effects. Hair transplants or hair plugs have almost successful results, and results in hair growth in bald spots that can last for years.

If the patient has a ‘donor’ area of good hair growth, then the procedure is more prone to be successful. Male pattern baldness takes place on the upper half of the head; the posterior of the head still has its usual growth. Surgeons can remove the hair follicular units from this area, and place them in the bald area. After a few weeks, theses follicles get attached to the blood supply and start to manufacture hair shaft material. Women however, experience hair thinning along with bald patches. This does not help a hair transplant procedure, due to the absence of a good ‘donor’ area.